Thursday, 23 May 2013

Man in a Cage

 My husband dines out on the fact that my first successful story, Man in a Cage, was written when I should have been typing his letters. He was my boss at the time, and about to marry someone else, but that's another story. I bashed out this story about a heart broken woman who finds, on her birthday, her naked ex lover delivered to her in a cage. It took me one lunch hour, and it was accepted by For Women magazine. I was offered £150 for what amounted to an hour's pleasurable escapism, and that's when it all began.
Since then I've published three erotic novels: Country Pleasures, Club crème and Behind The Curtain for Virgin Books, as well as dozens of erotic short stories; Random Acts of Lust, my first solo collection of short stories and Out of Focus, a novella, for Xcite Books; and Sisters in Sin, a novella, for Avon's new imprint.
So, what are the stories about? Sex. Sex between consenting, passionate and adventurous adults, husbands and wives, stepmothers and stepsons, lesbian encounters, and my particular favourite, the cougar theme at its mostforbidden. But although it's graphic, I write sensitively and above all intelligently, build up believable characters, real relationships and genuine responses, however brief, rather than constructing a one-dimensional set-up. So as well as creating colourful and exotic settings and situations between impossibly gorgeous people, using smell, touch, clothes and scenery to heighten the atmosphere, I enjoy finding erotic potential in the most mundane places – a suburban street, an office, a shop - or an unexpected moment, such as an awkward family gathering, a new wife meeting her stepson for the first time, or a PTA meeting, two mums getting horny preparing for the 'Strictly Classroom' dancing competition.
And would-be writers beware: the housewife meets plumber stuff of Seventies porno flicks has been done to death. The challenge is exploring it more subtly; a comely landlady, for instance, inflaming her lodgers with her full English, or a convent girl falling for one of the nuns...

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