Friday, 21 July 2017

Maria Lucas

I hope that I have enough fans and friends to come with me on my new journey. I have written a series of four books about Gustav Levi and Serena, and Gustav's brother Pierre, of which I am very proud, but I have also had other ideas buzzing in my head like so many bees for a long time which I wanted to get off my chest. Not erotica as such, although there is plenty of passion in them. But ideas for stories that I wanted to write away from any particular genre.

I call them 'domestic noir', and I have published two of them on Amazon. One is called 'Daddy's Girl', about a teenage girl who disappears while searching on Facebook for the father she has never known. The other is called 'Loved Ones, a harrowing story about a mother and son trying to cope after the rest of their family is killed by a right wing terrorist attack. Not cheerful, I admit. But powerful, I hope, and straight from the heart and guts.

The novels are inter-linked, in that some characters appear in both, and they come from the same area of north Kensington in London - not far from the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy.

If you were a fan of my writing as Primula Bond, you will enjoy these books, and I am eager to hear what you think!

Here is the buying link to 'Daddy's Girl', but if it doesn't work it is available on kindle and paperback on Amazon. Here is the photograph that I took one day in Amsterdam, and which inspired this story.

Thanks lovelies!

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